Circles In The Stream

Bruce Cockburn - Circles In The Stream (Live) 1977 / 2005
Circles In The Stream (Live) 1977 / 2005

RELEASE DATE: 1977 / 2005
PURCHASE: iTunes | True North

* Bonus tracks on the remastered CD version released by Rounder Records in 2005.


released 1977

Note: The album notes say this song – a solo bagpipe piece – is performed by Pipe Major Ray MacKay. The first part of the tune I don’t recognise but is probably a traditional Scottish pipe tune, the second part is “Scotland The Brave”. On the album, the song serves as an introduction to Starwheel.

2. Starwheel (3:40)
3. Never So Free (3:46)

released 1977
On attends
Quelque chose
Peut etre le vent
Ou l’ouverture d’une rose
Moi je suis en courant
En courant

La cite
Semble de boire
La voie lactee
Moi je suis un homme brûlant
Homme brulant

Et dans la lueur
Tu m’appele
Des arcs en ciel
Et je brule

Vert de mer
Je deviens
Une riviere
Et toi
Tu es l’ocean que je cherche
Que je cherche.

TRANSLATION: “Burning Man”
They’re waiting
For something
Maybe the wind
Or the opening of a rose
Me, I’m flowing,

The city
Seems to be drinking
The milky way
Me, I’m a burning man
Burning man

And in the glow
You call me
Dressed in
And I’m burning

Sea green
I become
A river
And you,
You are the ocean I’m seeking
I’m seeking.

March 8,1977 – Quebec

6. Free To Be (2:29)

Got no social graces
Never know my place
Ine thing I am sure of
You can’t judge a man by his race
Birth don’t come easy
Freedom doesn’t come cheap
Rules and worlds get swept away
While you waste your time in sleep

Grow up you
Grow up me
Grown together
Free to be

There’s music in the forest
Children laugh in the school yard
On the skid row of the spirit
Hear the ranting of the Western Guard
Why don’t you cool out
Can it be so hard
to love yourself without thinking
someone else holds a lower card

Grow up you
Grow up me
Grown together
Free to be

Wired to the switchboard
Always on the move
Things we love to cling to
But there’s nothing we can prove
You can only deal with
What’s before your face
And the life you’re given’s no use at all
If you burn it up in hate

Grow up you
Grow up me
Grown together
Free to beJanuary 30, 1977 – Burritt’s Rapids

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7. Mama Just Want to Barrelhouse All Night Long (4:07)

released 1977

9. Arrows of Light (4:03)
10. One Day I Walk (3:16)
11. Love Song (4:48)

Went to the museum, red brother
Saw your ancient bloom cut, pressed and dried
A sign said wasn’t it clever what they used to do
But it never did say how they died

Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

Went to Regina, red sister
Heard a cab driver say what he’d seen
“There’s a grand place to eat out on Number One
All white ladies if you know what I mean”

Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

Went to a pow wow, red brother
Felt the people’s love/joy flow around
It left me crying just thinking about it
How they used my saviour’s name to keep you down

Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey

July 26, 1976 – Burritt’s Rapids

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13. Lord of the Starfields (5:27)
14. All the Diamonds (2:32)
15. Dialogue With the Devil (8:37)
16. Joy Will Find a Way (4:05)
17. God Bless the Children (4:50)


released 1977

Album Info:

Words and music by Bruce Cockburn except Starwheel words and music Bruce and Kitty Cockburn

Published by Golden Mountain Music Corp (SOCAN)

The musicians are:
Robert Boucher: bass
Pat Godfrey: electric piano, marimbas and vocals
P.M. Doug Mackay: bagpipes
Bill Usher: percussion and voice
Bruce Cockburn: acoustic and electric guitars, dulcimer, vocals

Recorded in concert at Massey Hall, Toronto April 8 + 9, 1977

House sound and stage monitoring by Westbury.
Remote recording: Fedco
Tour manager: Rob Bennett
Produced by Eugene Martynec for True North Productions
Mixed at Eastern Sound, Toronto
Engineer: Ken Friesen
Album cover/photo: Bart Schoales
Inside photograph: Skip Dean
Art direction: Bart Schoales

Restoration + Re-mastering: Peter J. Moore at the E Room