My Beat: The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn

My Beat: The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn - 2001

2001 – This one hour “rockumentary” takes us inside the life of Bruce Cockburn – the man and the musician – and includes live performances of Bruce’s hit songs: Lovers in a Dangerous Time, Wondering Where the Lions Are, If I Had a Rocket Launcher and And They Call it Democracy.

Bruce Cockburn is a rock musician, singer/songwriter, political activist and Canadian icon. From his beginnings in the late 60s with the rock group, The Children, through his solo career and musical collaborations over three decades, Bruce Cockburn has followed his own path creating music that has defied traditional labels.

His life informs his music. He has consistently expressed and maintained political views that haven’t endeared him to a mainstream audience. But his willingness to speak out on issues that many performers wont go near has earned him a strong following.

Of the all inclusive nature of his work, Bruce says “If the purpose of art is to reflect life and the human experience, that includes politics, as inevitably as it includes sex and spirituality, money and all the other things that interest people. I like to get everything in there.”

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My Beat:The Life and Times of Bruce Cockburn - 2001