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Two Interviews – Give a listen

A Little More Conversation with Ben O’Hara-Byrne
Bruce Cockburn on music & memories

20 January 2023 – Listen to the conversation!
[Bruce is about 26 minutes in)


Saskatchewan Weekend with Shauna Powers – CBC
Bruce Cockburn reflects on over 50 years in music

29 January 2023 – Many of us have loved the music of Bruce Cockburn for decades, and his earlier tunes still stand the test of time. They’re sometimes angry, like If I Had a Rocket Launcher, sometimes intimate, like Wondering Where the Lions Are. And they’re almost always poetic. Cockburn had to delay his 50th anniversary tour because of the pandemic, but he’s on the road now and that brings him to Saskatoon on February 9th. Host Shauna Powers speaks to Bruce about the path that brought him to this moment.

Give a listen to this fantastic interview!