Bruce Cockburn - March 2019 - Firehouse SF - keebler

Paste Magazine on the Road at Napa Valley

Live Stream
3 September 2021 – Paste Studio on the Road at Napa Valley: Sept. 3-5

Paste Studio on the Road heads west for three days at the Dos Colinas estate in Napa Valley.

Recorded LIVE at the Hills Estate – Napa

, CA
Audio: Juan M Soria
Video: Brad Wagner

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Saturday, Sept. 4
2:00pm – Bruce Cockburn
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Bruce on Junos 5050 & Crowing Ignites

All in a Day – CBC – Alan Neal

Bruce Cockburn - Zoom - 2021 - All In A Day - Alan Neal

7 June 2021 – When Bruce Cockburn talked to me on Zoom for #cbcjunos5050 we decided at the same time to record a chat about his instrumental Crowing Ignites album… and the fact he won his first Juno 50 years ago… Playing it next plus a taste of the track “Seven Daggers”.


Credit: Twitter – @cbcallinaday

“Voices Rising” Online Benefit Concert for Mozambique

6 June 2021 –
Bruce is participating in this benefit concert on June 19, 2021.

Voices Rising - Gettin' Higher Choir - benefit for Mozambique

The Gettin’ Higher Choir is delighted to announce that their next online benefit concert will take place June 19 at 7pm PDT, and will feature renowned songwriter, guitarist, compassionate humanitarian and activist, Bruce Cockburn. Also, for the first time, we will welcome collaboration with musicians from the Caia district of Mozambique

, for this our 23rd annual concert to support development projects in that region.

The event will feature recorded messages and musical performances by guest artists. The GHC will present “virtual choir” videos of songs celebrating our vital bonds to one another, near and far, and to the earth we share. This season’s uplifting songs come from South Africa, from classic rock, and from current songwriters including local star, Chris Frye of The Bills.

Tickets: To attend the concert on Zoom, click this link to register, make sure you have Zoom installed on your device, and watch for an update email on the day of the concert. Or watch the full concert on YouTube Live, or during the week after, at this YouTube link. We have a limit of 1000 participants on Zoom, so if that is full when you connect, please use the YouTube Live link.

Instead of buying tickets, on or before June 19, please make a donation to The Caia Connection through Canada Helps. This will support our long-standing development projects in Mozambique, including village schools, scholarship programs for nursing and agriculture students, distance learning, food security and water access, and an award-winning valimba music program.

For more info Getting’ Higher Choir

Update: You can watch Bruce’s set here []


5 May 2021 – Update!!!
Listen to the Four New Songs! ( click through )

All songs by Bruce Cockburn, c 2020 Holy Drone Corp

Video and audio recording by Mark Yahiro

1. Orders – San Francisco – 7 December 2020
The just the merciful the cruel
The stumbling well-intentioned fool
The deft the oaf the witless pawn
The golden one life smiles upon
The squalling infant in mid-squall
The neighbors fighting down the hall
The list is long; as I recall
Our orders said to love them all

The cynic and the crooked priest
The woman wise the sullen beast
The enemy outside the gate
The friend who leaves it all to fate
The drunk who tags the bathroom stall
The proud boy rushing to his fall,
The list is long; as I recall
Our orders said to love them all

The pastor preaching shades of hate
The self-inflating head of state
The black the blue the starved for bread
The dread the red the better dead
The sweet the vile the small the tall
The one who rises to the call
The list is long but as I recall
Our orders said to love them all

The one who lets his demons win
The one we think we’re better than
A challenge great—but as I recall
Our orders said to love them all

2. On A Roll – San Francisco – 27 July 2020
Howl of anger — howl of grief
Here comes the heat — there’s no relief
Social behavior beyond belief

Throw those punches — drop that ball
Commit to nothing — excuse it all
Here comes the future — here comes the fall

Time takes its toll
But in my soul
I’m on a roll

The wolf has fixed you with its stare
Finality is hard to bear
Continue breathing — and beware

Eat what’s before you — pay the bill
There goes your bonehouse right down that hill
Time waits for no one and never will

Time takes its toll
But in my soul
I’m on a roll

I had a dream — there was a storm
And all the earth was without form
The sun was cold — the ether warm
Pressure building left and right
Timer ticking just out of sight
I’m taking shelter in the light

Time takes its toll
But in my soul
I’m on a roll.

3. Us All – San Francisco – 29 August 2020
Here we are

, faced with choice
Secrets and walls or open embrace
Like it or not, the human race
Is us all

History is what it is
Scars we inflict on each other don’t die
But slowly soak into the DNA
Of us all

Us all

I pray we not fear to love
I pray we be free of judgement and shame
Open the vein, let kindness rain
O’er us all

Us all

4. When You Arrive – San Francisco – 27 July 2020
Breakfast was Mahler and coffee
Dinner’s Lightnin’ Hopkins and rye
Everything you say comes back to bite you
But these days only beauty makes you cry

The chapel is closed for the COVID
Black mold owns the city by the sea
Dew-beaded cobweb in the moonlight
Halo for a saint who’s yet to be

The dead shall sing
To the living and the semi-alive
Bells will ring
When you arrive

Limping like a three-legged canine
Backbone creaking like a cheap shoe
Dragging the accretions of a lifetime
But you oughta make another mile or two…

The dead shall sing
To the living and the semi-alive
Bells will ring
When you arrive

Bruce Cockburn Four New Songs SFL

A few years ago I found myself attending a worship service at San Francisco Lighthouse. For the preceding couple of decades I had been operating on the assumption that the formal church and I had grown apart, so in a way it was a surprise to be there and feel as though it was where I was meant to be. That occasion led to an ongoing relationship with SFL — fools that they were, they let me play in the band!

In this COVID year, with no public opportunity to introduce new songs, and since I have a few new songs, it seemed like they could be put out for people to hear in a way that would at once benefit the church and satisfy my need to be noticed.

Suggested Donation: $20

Any revenue generated by this exercise will go to support SFL and its work

, which includes, among other things, support for programs for unhoused people in San Francisco, and for Lighthouse Kathmandu, a Nepali-run organization dedicated to fighting human trafficking and rescuing its victims.

Thanks for checking in. I hope you enjoy the songs!

Bruce Cockburn

Please note these are informal demo videos.

~from Event Bruce Cockburn Four New Songs SFL event.

Crowing Ignites receives Juno nomination

12 March 2021 – Bruce’s 2019 all instrumental release Crowing Ignites has been nominated for a Juno award in the Instrumental Album of the Year category.

Bruce Cockburn - Crowing Ignites cd jacket

The other nominees are:
Movements III – Blitz//Berlin
Eleven Words – David Foster
Volume 1 – Flore Laurentienne
Prior Street – Gordon Grdina

The 2021 Juno Awards will be broadcast nationwide Sunday

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, May 16, at 8 p.m. ET/5 p.m. PT on CBC Music, CBC-TV

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, CBC Gem and CBC Radio One, and globally on While Toronto is the official Juno host for the awards’ 50th anniversary, the broadcast will be presented to an at-home only audience, with filming taking place at several locations across the country.