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James Toth Presents… ‘Imaginational Anthem Vol. XIII – Songs of Bruce Cockburn’

Updated: 29 March 2024 – Listening Party info added!

James Toth & Tompkins Square present

Imaginational Anthem vol. XIII - Songs of Bruce Cockburn

3 February 2024 – Bruce Cockburn is one of the most celebrated Canadian artists of all time. Unlike fellow Canadians Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell or Neil Young, Cockburn has not been fully embraced by a younger generation of indie musicians and younger fans. Tompkins Square recruited well-respected indie artist James Toth, known for his work with Wooden Wand, to curate the 13th volume of its guitar series, Imaginational Anthem, out April 5, 2024. Although there is a focus on Bruce as a guitarist, there are also vocal tracks on the album. Indie stalwarts Bill Callahan, Matt Valentine, Luke Schneider and Jerry David DeCicca all step up and pay tribute to this musical hero, proving that Cockburn is not only influential, but also the keeper of a deep catalog of songs ripe for discovery by a younger generation.


Foxglove – Eli Winter
40 Years In The Wilderness – Jerry David DeCicca (featuring Bill Callahan)
Up On The Hillside – Matthew “Doc” Dunn
Fall – Powers Rolin Duo
Pacing The Cage – Lou Turner
Waiting For A Miracle – Wet Tuna
One Day I Walk – Armory Schafer
You Don’t Have To Play The Horses – Jody Nelson
All The Diamonds – Kyle Hamlett Duo (featuring Luke Schneider)

UPDATE: Join James Toth and Tompkins Square for a Record Release Party celebrating the release of ‘Imaginational Anthem vol. XIII – Songs of Bruce Cockburn’.

Listening Party
‘Imaginational Anthem vol. XIII : Songs of Bruce Cockburn’
May 27, 2024 at 10:00 AM PDT
Listening Party!

We will also be celebrating Bruce’s 79th Birthday !

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