• Sunwheel Dance

    RELEASE DATE: 1973
    PURCHASE: itunes | truenorth

    My Lady and My Lord
    Feet Fall On The Road
    Sunwheel Dance
    Up On The Hillside
    Life Will Open
    It’s Going Down Slow
    When The Sun Falls
    He Came From The Mountain
    Dialogue With The Devil (Or “Why Don’t We Cel…
    For The Birds
    Morning Hymn (Bonus Track)
    My Lady And My Lord (Solo)

    Bruce Cockburn – Sunwheel Dance

    Bruce Cockburn’s third album is an undeniably joyous affair. ” It was a period when I was searching but very unaware of my own inner workings,” Cockburn later explained. “There was all this optimism, even though the songs themselves may have been in different directions. But the imagery of light was there _ a lot.”